Data Validator


Welcome to the Broadband Location Data Validator website. Use this application to prepare and validate your carrier’s geospatial deployment data for participation in the following Connect America Funds: CAF Phase II, ACAM, and CAF BLS...

This tool will allow you to check your data for errors - including missing data fields, improper formatting and faulty latitude or longitude coordinates - before officially submitting it to USAC through the High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal. Deployment data uploaded into the Broadband Location Data Validator won’t be filed with USAC, so feel free to upload your data as many times as needed.

If you are using this Broadband Location Data Validator for the first time, we recommend that you first download the Detailed Instructions to review accepted file formats, field headers and data ranges. Once your deployment data is formatted and uploaded into the Broadband Location Data Validator, the application will perform an automated analysis to identify records that would be accepted by the HUBB portal and flag any records that contain warnings or errors that may need to be corrected before the data is officially submitted.

Programmed validations will become more sophisticated in future versions, so stay tuned for Broadband Location Data Validator updates.

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Your file has been processed. The detailed results of this analysis are available in the table below or in the ‘file log’ CSV download. This validation tool will categorize detected data quality issues into “warnings” and “errors.”

In the HUBB Portal:

• Any location with 1 or more “errors” cannot be saved to in the system. The data for the location must be corrected and reuploaded.

• Any location with 1 or more “warnings” can be saved to the system, but you may want to double check locations with warnings, correct if needed, and reupload prior to saving.

Tip: use the filters below to isolate location records with specific categories of errors/warnings.

File Log